NV KEIGETSU `John` Sparkling Sake 6 Bottle Case 75cl

NV KEIGETSU `John` Sparkling Sake 6 Bottle Case 75cl

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This sake is named after and made for Mr. Matsumoto's friend John. They are both wine lovers and during a toast with one of Mr. Matsumoto's sake, John asked why there were no bubbles. With that comment, Mr. Matsumoto made a sparkling sake for his friend John. Mr. Matsumoto opted to add CO2 to create the bubbles, as he wished to have a crystal clear sake and avoid the natural sediment that results from bottle fermentation.

  • Feature(s): Vegetarian
  • Toji/Brewer: Muneki Matsumoto
  • Alcohol (ABV): 15 %

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