Wonder Horse Old Vine Palomino 6 Bottle Case 75cl

Wonder Horse Old Vine Palomino 6 Bottle Case 75cl

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An often innocuous, neutral cultivar, when it’s vines are allowed to get really old it’s yields drop to a clutch of grapes you can get the personality of this wine, vine and place. It’s quiet on the nose and palate but persistent with notes of almond skin, fennel and even a little jasmine, all this follows on the palate with a bright natural acidity and a teasing top note of grassy fennel, almond nuttiness and the residual salinity of an old dry grown vineyard. Drink it slowly to take all this in.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course and a vine is a vine, we know, go right to the source and ask that horse he’ll say he’s Palomino! You never heard of a talking horse? Well this guy has something to say.. If you hear a clap of thunder but there is no sign of rain...then you know it must be PALOMINO. Gallopin' across the plain...the time will come when everyone will know the name of PALOMINO!

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