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Mgaloblishvili is an old red grape variety indigenous to Imereti. Its name – “Mgaloblishvili” is connected to the famous 19th century Georgian ampelographer with the same surname. Throughout the 19th century and till halfway through the 20th, the Mgaloblishvili vine was one of the most widespread varieties in Imereti region, but soon fell out of favour.

Interestingly (or not) Mgaloblishvili (also spelled ‘Mgaloblichvili’) is the first Vitis vinifera cultivar to have been scientifically identified for its reduced sensitivity to mildew. Although not very widespread outside its native Imeretian wine region, the red grape variety successfully curbs the development and spread of spores of the fungus Plasmopara viticola. While North American (such as Vitis labrusca and V. riparia) or Asian varieties (such as V. amurensis) are known to have acquired resistance to mildew following long co-evolution with the pathogen, such adaptation mechanisms had not been characterised on European vines. Vitis vinifera is in fact known for its sensitivity to the disease that arrived from the Americas at the end of the 19th century.

Archil recalls that his family owned a 100 + year-old Mgaloblishvili vineyard, which was eventually replanted with other vine varieties. Then, during the era of partial prohibition, when selling wine became illegal for farmers and all grapes went state wine factories, there was no demand for Imeretian red grapes, which was the main reason for this and a whole host of other autochthonous varieties becoming virtually extinct.

Archil and the older generation of vignerons, however, always remembered the high quality of this variety and a few years ago he decided to re-establish this vine. After a lengthy search he found it in a state nursery, took cuttings, and replanted it in his vineyard. Now he has 700 plants yielding grapes – and a further 300 about to come on stream.

Nino is Archil’s daughter. She assumed responsibility to plant and take care of these particular vines (with father’s help!) and to make the wines. The first vintage was four years ago- a grand total of 60 bottles. This year they will make 1000 bottles. They are the only producers of this wine in Georgia.  The grapes are destemmed and spend nine days on skins in qvevri. The wine is naturally made and nothing added as with Archil’s other wines. It is such a pretty wine, almost rosé in colour with appealing aromas of flowers, red fruits and pepper.


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