Fiorente Elderflower liqueur 50 cl

A vibrant elderflower liqueur, produced by the experts at Francoli

Flora, the Roman goddess of flowering plants invokes the flowers to bloom in spring to ensure a healthy crop later in the year. Her festival, the Floralia, is held at the end of April to celebrate the start of the cycle of life, drinking and flowers.

The sweet-smelling elderfloweres are harvested when they are at their most aromatic, dried and transported to Piemonte where they are infused in alcohol with fresh mint leaves and lemon peel to make Fiorente Liqueur.

Produced by the experts at Francoli Distillery, whose family have been handcrafting spirits since 1875, Fiorente is vibrant in colour and delightfully floral, with a perfect balance for serving with Prosecco or in a cocktail...

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