Let's Talk Sparkles!

The summer, let's face it, is pretty much over for us, but let's not all start feeling sorry for ourselves just yet... Even though all this rain and wind is a bit of a downer, there's always one thing that can cheer me right up - time to crack open the bubbles!
First off I want to introduce to you a little known champagne from a rather well known house:
Taittinger's 'Les Folies de la Marquetterie' is the house's very first single vineyard champagne. A stunning blend of 45% Chardonnay and 55% Pinot Noir exclusively from the vineyard surrounding the iconic Chateau de la Marquetterie where the Taittinger story began. 
This champagne is distinctive for its immense richness and complexity; full bodied, smooth and fruity with peach and apricot aromas and a woody finish. It is elegant yet rich and was crafted with gastronomy in mind. 
This gorgeous Taittinger edition as available at North & South for the equally gorgeous price of just £39.99 a bottle.
Next on my list is a new one for us and one that I am particularly fond of:
Charles Chevalier Brut D'Honneur made in the classic tradition of the champagne houses of Aÿ, it is also principally Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but with some Pinot Meunier, it is matured in cool chalk cellars for 5 years before release.
It's a gentle champagne with freshness and a zippy finish. Golden apple, nutty and lemon notes, toasty and ripe fruit with a touch of caramel.
What I love is just how easy drinking this is, I brought it down to the common (on what was probably one of our last sunny days!), popped it open and off it went without feeling like this is a drink for the few, it became a drink for the many and me! 
Join in the fun at North & South for the superb value price of £24.99 a bottle.
Now don't worry, it's not all about the French, Italians are pretty good at this too...
Yum! How trendy is prosecco at the moment, right? It's everywhere, all the right bars and pubs sell it now, I hear people talking about in in the street, instagramming glass chinking fun #proseccotuesdays!
Meet Fili, this guy knows what he's doing, look at him; branching out on the bottle shape, thinking "I know you want me, look at my curves", how right is he!?
This extra dry style is my new best friend. A lovely balance of tropical and orachard fruit characters make it a lovely dinner party aperitif. Yet it has an unusually intense yeasty flavour usually not found in prosecco. Beautifully refreshing. 
Grab on of these bad boys at the irresistible price of just £9.99 at North & South.
Say hello to my my little friends little friends'!
Because the party doesn't stop there, if your bubbles need some dressing up, a little makeover before their night on the town, here are a couple of cheeky chaps who'd like to join in:
Apollo 11 is a truly unique liqueur, so unique it's ingredients remain a secret to this day! I love the fact that this drink came to be because a young Italian, Piero Pirola, was so excited by the moon landing he simply had to mark the occasion (and whats better for marking occasions than a scrummy drink!). 
It is best described as a citrus fruit liqueur, with grapefruit predominantly coming through, it makes a perfect kir twist in your bubbles but equally can be drunk on the rocks. 
Please don't be put off by it's colour! Apollo 11 is completely natural too, no colouring whatsoever!
Enjoy this puzzling delight at just £28.99 per 50cl bottle at North & South.
And finally, king of the crop, it's none other than The King's Ginger Liqueur. Specifically formulated in 1903 for King Edward VII, this truly regal liqueur will leave you wanting more. This rich and zesty pick me up is instantly warming giving off initial sweetness followed by the delicious bite of the ginger. 
Enjoy this out shooting like a true English gent, or chuck a dollop in your bubbles like you know you want to! Not only do you get to slurp down this delectable liqueur but, when you buy it with us, you also get to take home a branded hip flask and two key-ring-cum-glasses for sharing.
Pick up this essential kit at North & South for the bargain price of £42.50 (psst! Berry Bros. sell theirs at £85.00! - Bargain!)
On that note I wish you well, I hope this gave you a little reason to celebrate in the gloom: we may not always have sun - but we always have good wine.