Dan Akroyd's Crystal Head Vodka - what will you do with yours?


Everyone is losing their heads over this super smooth quadruple distilled vodka, and who can blame em'?

As the brain child of Ghostbusters creator Dan Akroyd and artist John Alexander (who's work proves his strong influence on the design!) this mighty skull simply oozes with cool. So cool the Rolling Stones announced it as their official 50th anniversary vodka. 

The facts:

Crystal Head is additive free - no glycol, citrus oils or added sugars. 

It is distilled 4 times, filtered 7 times, 3 times of which are through Herkimer diamonds. 

High quality Canadian peaches 'n' cream corn is used which makes this vodka gluten free. 

The fun stuff:

One of the best things I have found with this vodka is, once all the yummy insides are gone there's so much you can do with the bottle! So I thought I'd share a few ideas with you.







These made over versions can be found in local bar Project Orange where they have flavoured each of their vodkas with different themes matching their bottles (elderflower, chili raspberry, cucumber and watermelon)

You could also mix in some syrups without painting the outside to give the skulls some colour. 


 Channel your inner Damien Hirst and bejewel your Crystal Head!

Throw in some LEDs as a hassle free alternative to a pumpkin (and a pretty fabulous centre piece all year round! (another great thing you could do with lights is simply stick a long wick candle, I would personally opt for red, and let the wax drip over the contours! Very atmospheric...)


All in all I think it's safe to say there's a lot to be done with these fantastic heads, but don't forget, it's not just the novelty of the bottle that you're getting, the vodka is absolutely stunning too! Smoothest of smooth, can absolutely drink on the rocks, in its purest form. 

So I will leave you with the final cherry on top of the skull shaped pie: North & South Wines are offering you this quirky little piece at the low low cost of just £35.99 or £79.99 for a magnum! 

This is most definitely something not to be missed!