Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label ChampagneIt's 2 days before Madam Clicquot's birthday - she was born 16 December 1777, and we would love to raise a glass to the woman who is today recognised with three achievements: internationalising the champagne market, brand identification, and developing the process of the riddling rack.

Prior to her inventing riddling, the second fermentation of wine to create champagne resulted in a very sweet wine with large bubbles and sediment from the remains of the yeast used in the fermentation in the bottle (which creates the bubbles in the wine) resulting in a cloudy wine.

Her technique still used the original English technique of adding additional sugar, but after this second fermentation was complete the bottles were held upside down. The bottles were regularly turned so that the dead yeast would all gather near the cork (riddling). Once the settling was complete, the wine near the cork was removed and the cork and frozen plug removed (disgorgement), followed by an addition of wine to refill the bottle.

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