The Sw11 project 'Free Wine'

Continuing our focus on our local catchment, we at North and South Wines are inviting anyone over the age of 18 to take part in our social sampler scheme.

We are offering free wine, from all ends of the globe for a tweet and facebook comment on our page. The opportunity in essence is to be a wine buyer, for North and South Wines without actually buying the product.

We will be listing these wines on facebook, we will need proof of residency, ie driving license to collect the wine as it is only open to sw11 residency(let's keep it local)

In return for your free wine, we will need a review of the wine and estimated price point, if this wine makes it to our store based on review, you the social sampler will have your review published in store, we will also offer you the opportunity in the share of the profits depending on sales and margin, watch this space!